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ATM Bank Card Self Service Kiosk

ATM Bank Card Self Service Kiosk: An integral part of EmperorTech’s one-stop-shop group of self-service banking card renewal and dispensing kiosks — The kiosks range from new account opening and magnetic card to EMV chip card upgrades to banking card replacement and card renewal and activation and banking card dispensing.

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Bank Card Renewal and Replacement — Without Changing Card Numbers
Our ATM self-service and automated card personalization & dispensing kiosk is a one-stop solution for your branch. It improves the efficiency of the bank card dispensing process. Additionally, it offers the protection of optimized security while avoiding manual mistake. High speed (10-60 seconds per card), high capacity (500 cards per kiosk)

  • Old/damage Card Replacement
  • Upgrade Magnetic Card to EMV Chip Card
  • Upgrade Card holder’s Personal Inforrnation

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