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EMP-1500P Automatic Card Counter

Batch count more cards in a single run and count them faster with the EMP1500. Our newest card counter features a 500-card output capacity — arguably delivering the highest output of any card counting machine of its class in the market today…

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The EMP-1500P is a high-capacity automatic card/ ticket counter: Based on mechanical driving mode, EMP1500P is an ideal choice for counting all card substrates with high input/
output capacity. Benefit from more than twenty years’ experience in smart counting technology, the automatic
card counter is a very popular model for a wide range of business sectors globally: mass transit, card
manufacturing, banking, government, retail and more…

Key Features

  • Rubber Belt Transfer Mechanism
  • Compact design with large display for easy reading of data
  • Simplified operation panel, easy to operate
  • High-speed counting
  • High-capacity input hopper and output stacker/magazine
  • Detachable output stacker for convenient production flow
  • Preset mode available for presetting counting quantities


  • Counting speed: 25,000 cards/hour
  • Input Capacity: 250 cards
  • Output Capacity: 500 cards
  • Display: Nixie tube
  • Operating Modes: Accumulation and Preset
  • Counting Thickness: 0.4mm – 3mm
  • Compatible card substrates: standard; embossed; transparent plastic; dark core, etc.
  • Working Temperature: 10 – 40 Working
  • Humidity: 30% – 80%
  • Average fault-free continuous operating time: ≥120 hours
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Overall Dimension: 650(L)×300(W)×1200(H)
  • Net Weight: 42.5 KG


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