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EMP1100C Card Counter

The EMP1100C handheld card counter adopts the advanced digital circuit of lower power consumption and photo electricity theory. This high precision, light-weight, lithium powered, multi-functional card counter has  a long battery shelf life and is very easy to operate. With unrivalled counting accuracy, it can be used on  a wide range of card materials thicker than 0.4mm. In addition, large capacity LCD screens display up to 999,999 pcs.

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The EMP1100C handheld card counter is the upgrade to the JC1100B portable card counter. This NEW GENERATION portable card counter—provides brand new functions such as data management, operation menu, and wireless battery charging. Its features advanced low power consumption digital circuitry with photoelectric technology and can count most cards thicker than 0.4 mm , made of various materials and substrates. The ergonomic and compact design packs power and reliability. The EMP1100C will find its place in all QC and Shipping departments of Card manufacturing and Card processing environments.

Can be used on embossed and flat thermal; transfer plastic card.


  • EMP1100C

Popular Applications include:

  • Banking
  • Pay TV
  • Healthcare
  • GSM
  • Pre-paid phone cards
  • Corporate and government ID
  • Retail/loyalty
  • Transit
  • Sports events
  • Student ID
  • Membership cards
  • Credit cards
  • Hotel. key cards
  • And more…


  • Quick and accurate counting results
  • Cost-effective & durable performance
  • One year local guarantee and whole-life maintenance with quick turnaround time
  • Accumulation count and single time count.
  •   Free MS Windows compatible EMP1100C DATA MANAGER software.

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EMP-1100C Brochure

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