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EMP2901A Biometric Capturing Terminal

EMP2901A Bio-data Capturing Device is a multi-functional capturing device for collecting personal data, fingerprint, signature and portrait.

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EMP2901A Bio-data Capturing Device is a multi-functional capturing device for collecting personal data, fingerprint, signature and portrait. The device consists of control unit, fingerprint scanner, signature panel, camera unit, document scanning unit, document photographing unit and DVD writer. It has been widely used in the data collection of ePassport and other social security documents.


  • User-friendly HMI; real-time display of collection status and collected information; both voice and image prompts user guide are available for easy operation.
  • Personal data collection: personal data (name, sex, date of birth, place of birth and ID number) import by reading ID documents and / or manual input.
  • Fingerprint capturing: single / double fingerprint scanning; automatic optimization and adaptation; automatic generation of fingerprint format; support fingerprint verification.
  • Signature capturing: collect the hand-written signature through display window; signature image optimization; automatic background removal; repeated signature.
  • Portrait capturing: take portrait photo by the camera on site
  • Document photographing: professional document camera, photograph ID cards or other documents and extract the personal data.
  • Data encryption with USB-KEY and transfer the data by USB security interface
  • Data save and transfer through built-in DVD writer.
  • Physical shield of network communication hardware interface (includig wire/ wireless and Bluetooth) to avoid any data disclosure
  • Multiple authentication of the operator
  • Suitcase style design of the whole device, easy for carry and transportation, vibration and dust proof.

Technical Parameters

  • Control unit: Windows 7 operating system; 8 touch screen; 2.4GHz processor, 1G RAM and 64G hard disk
  • Personal data collection unit: capable of reading contactless ID documents comply with ISO14443 (Type B) standard.
  • Fingerprint collection unit: GA certificate; top resolution reaches 500 dpi; 640 640 pixel photo; speed 20 frames per second
  • Signature collection unit: electromagnetic induction technology; passive pressure sensitive pen; resolution 500DPI; maximum reading speed 200 dots per second
  • Portrait collection unit: 2 million pixel camera and adaptive light sensor for instant portrait collection
  • Document photographing unit: 5 million pixel camera with resolution 2592 1944; photograph size: A3/A4/A5; photograph speed: 1 second per pcs; 24-bit image color; auxiliary LED light source

High-quality ID Photo Photographing Unit (optional)

Installed with auto focus / auto exposure single-lens reflex digital camera; high-speed response at any conditions.

Embedded ID photo processing software connected to the digital camera to automatically adjust the camera parameters of shooting: automatic face
detection, zooming, and rotation; automatic background removal, and color adjustment; make sure the output photo is qualified.

Photo quality control: submit the collected photo to QC and timely feedback results.