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EMP-S6800 UV Inkjet Personalization Printing System

The multi-functional EMP-S6800 has several features you'll love including high speed, high stability and high quality printing.

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EMP-S6800 UV Inkjet Personalization Printing Machine. The personalization system UV inkjet is high performance and quality Personalization Platform developed by Emperor Technology with the most advanced UV Inkjet printing technology.

The EMP-S6800 smart card printer adopts multi-conveyer handling and printing technology to balance the machine speed and stability, it is the first choice for high speed, high-resolution, full color UV perso printing for a wide variety of cards.

Get the following benefits from your EMP6800...

  1. High Speed: Newly developed high speed and precision printing head contains 1024 nozzle, achieve high quality digital inkjet printing.
  2. High Stability: New design with the most accurate control system and high-precision mold parts, slide freely, strong, stable, no tilting, ensure stable and continuous printing. Running cards smoother, helps achieve a continuous and stable printing.
  3. High Quality: The fully sealed structure improved the working environment of employee. High-precision mechanical design, guarantee the stability of the cards moving and achieve stable high quality printing.
  4. Multifunction: High quality motor and guide rail, equipped with built-in display, more direct human-computer interactio n, simple, uniformed appearance. The compact LED UV solidify system in a cost-saving and environment-friendly manner, reduced requirements for environment and power supply. This guarantee high-contrast reproduction and strong ink adhesion. Innovated adjustable printing platform support different material with different thickness

Key Features

  • Resolution: 360 1080 dpi
  • 8 years duration
  • Low cost consumables
  • Scratch prevention in whole process
  • Compact design
  • LED UV curing system: long life cycle, low heat radiation;
  • Card Material: PET, PVC, PC, etc.

Technical Parameters

  • Production Speed: 3000 cards/hour (color print/single side) Ink: 4-color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
  • Printing Conveyor: 20
  • Printing Station: 20 x 5=100 Cards Unloader
  • Capacity: 120 cards / Magazine Power Supply: 220V AC 10%; 50 Hz 2 Hz Power: 1200W
  • Working Environment:
  • Temperature: 5 40 Degree Celsius RH: 30 80
  • Dimension: 2800(L) 1500(W) 1600(H) mm
  • Net Weight: 970 kg

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