The EMP1500P Makes Counting in Batches a Breeze

Good News! Process more cards with the EMP1500P built-in card stacker.

You asked us to add processing and stacking capacity to our versatile EMP1200P mechanical card counter. And we have listened to you!

EMP1500P card counter with stacker
EMP1500P card counter with stacker

We have added an industrial grade 500-card stacking mechanism that removes the 150 ISO cards limitations of our standard EMP1200P. This next generation flagship automatic card counter is our—EMP1500P.

On the positive side, the EMP1500P unit does all that the EMP1200P does as far as sensing and counting cards of a wide variety of substrates, moving from the hopper whose capacity has been increased from 150 to 250 ISO cards to a detachable 500 ISO cards magazine.

Naturally the preset output is 500 cards or less due to the 500 cards capacity of the stacker/magazine, and limits the counting and stacking of the embossed cards to 100-150 due to the location of the embossed lines building up an angle card after card.

Take a look at our preliminary video below showing the EMP1500 in a test mode. MSRP launch price is $3,850 per unit with a quantity price of $3,650. Please contact your usual Emperor Reseller.

EMP1200P for the jobs where you prefer a custom receptacle to stack your cards
EMP1200P for the jobs where you prefer a custom receptacle to stack your cards

Taming your number one enemy: Along the same pursuit to improve our EMP1200P functionalities and widen its use, we can now deliver this unit redesigned without stacker, giving the possibility to use the equipment for unlimited card counting directly into a receptacle such as a box or a crate. One suggested application in a card production environment is the precise count of the waste at the end of the shifts. This “conversion” kit can be fitted to the standard EMP1200P before shipping, or retrofitted in the field with basic tools, cost will be $145.00 extra.

We hope you will be interested in these opportunities to improve efficiencies in your card production processes and look forward to discussing in more detail and sending you a quote including freight to your facilities.

Watch the EMP1500 Count and Stack Cards