EmperorTech Presents Intelligent Election Solution at ID4Africa 2019 to Packed Room

There are several major problems that face many election systems today. These include voting accessibility, transparency and credibility. Election commissions and citizens facing these concerns want the ability to address and combat the vulnerabilities. At ID4Africa 2019 (June 18-20), Emperor Technology presented a solution— in its debut Rich Election Project.

This intelligent-Election solution addresses the problems in a comprehensive fashion, based on Emperor’s groundbreaking sophisticated framework of Smart Identity Information mechanisms and products.These included an enrollment & registration system, voting system and the latest Smart Identity with MLP and iCode features.

President, Sean Zheng discussed his company’s revolutionary solution to a packed room, on the second day of the event. Zheng discussed real-world election flaws and how his system can fix them.introduce multiple voting options and improve turnout and engagement.

About ID4Africa:

ID4Africa had been hold for 5th edition since year 2015, and Emperor Tech always plays an important role in this event, thanks to its cutting-edge technologies and marketing performance in the Secure Identity industry.