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EMP-6820 DoD Inkjet UV Card Personalization Printer

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Unbelievable! Your cost per card down to a penny! Our promise: 6,000+ Full Color Cards Digital Printing/Digital Personalization per Hour* for less than $200,000 installed! Add mag/chip encoding, flipper and printing module, varnish station, monochrome DOD head(s) for additional functionalities at a very reasonable cost.

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The EMP-6820 is a UV Inkjet and Card Printer and Personalization System, which uses the innovative technology of Drop on Demand Printing (DoD) to produce sturdier, longer lasting, high resolution ID cards in a faster time frame. Faster productivity means fewer resources are used to create each card — meaning significantly lower productive costs. The EMP-6820 is the newest member of our EmperorTech line of UV Inkjet Printers. Read more about the EMP-6820 Card Printer and Personalization System, visit. Or connect with us at +1 (214) 618-8340 ext 201.