EMP6700 Desktop UV Inkjet Card Personalization System

The EMP6700 Desktop UV Inkjet Card Personalization System churns out quality output at a low cost per card. This modular, compact, easy-to-integrate workhorse is designed small to perform big on your low to moderate volume projects. inexpensive consumable supplies will impress your team, customersand pocket.

Woman with drivers license personalized with EMP6823

DESKTOP Card Printing & Personalization

Discover bigger than life  performance from the compact EMP6700 desk personalization system

Crisp, clear, secure cards from a printing and personalization system that supports latest technology speed, color and cost-efficient consumables—with easy access modules to smooth your workflow --

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How the EMP6700 Stacks Up to the Competition:
Comparing the EMP6700 DOD Inkjet card printer to standard DTC dye-sublimation technologies

A cost comparison with a conventional DTC Volume Dye-Sub printer shows that the significant cost difference between the DTC and our industrial printer may be offset in less than a year due to lower consumable costs and increased production volume.

Card Printer

Supplies Cost

Card Production

Cost per card

DOD Card Printer

Supplies Cost:$23,000

Card Production: 582,400

Teams: $0.04

DTC Dye Sublimation
Volume Card Printer

Supplies Cost: $58,760

24/7 Support: 260,000

Teams: $0.23

EMP6700 Advantages

The EMP6700 is far ahead of previous card personalization technologies— when it comes to printing high volume badges and cards from standard and industrial settings

EMP6700 DOD Desktop UV Inkjet Card Personalization Printer

EMP6700 Card Counter

DOD Desktop UV Inkjet Card Personalization Printer

Business peoples happy with EMP6823

“Our definition of high quality is twofold. It's a combination of high quality output and lower cost for high quality. Our newest models like the EMP6823 and EMP6700 are shaped by this promise ”

- EmperorTech Americas
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