Have you heard? The New EMP-6801 UV Inkjet Card Printer and Personalization System is here!

[The EMP-6820 DoD Inkjet Personalization System is now available. This is the anticipated upgrade to the EMP-6801 Contact us to discuss how this new veesion of on of our bestselling offerings can help improve your card program. call 1-(214) 614-8340. Or, email our Product Support Team today]

The new EMP-6801 UV-Inkjet Card Printer and Personalization System integrates DoD UV-Inkjet technology with EmperorTech’s globally recognized and proven electronic personalization management System —This robust system delivers savings, high quality card printing and personalization solutions that banks, government, IC card manufacturers and other card issuance organizations like yours can easily integrate into your current production facilities. With the new EMP-6801 powering your card production business, you can finally put a dent in slow production times, eliminate the high cost of printing make-ready and rejects, and never again produce substandard cards that may well have been returned by your customer.

Perfect for the cost-conscious. Four-Color Drop-on-Demand (DoD) Inkjet Printing, with instant LED ink curing—ensure a very fast print process of up to 12,000 cph. Driven by our digital centralized Emperor Personalization Management System (EPMS) which ensures quick setup, easy prioritizing and continuous processing of your jobs. Combined with smart card & magstripe encoding, and laser engraving, the quick turnaround and improved production flow significantly cut down processing time. Fast processing and low cost of supplies bring down cost per card to as low as a single penny.

High-speed and minimum set-up saves time. Rated at 12,000 cards per hour, the EMP-6801 UV Inkjet Card Printer and Personalization System—will slow down enough to encode data on smart card modules, contact and contactless, encode three-track HiCo and LoCo magstripe cards, add spot or full bleed UV clear varnish to the card, flip the card for back printing, and laser engrave one or two sides. The process delivers edge-to-edge printing on every card and support for mono-color printing of data and bar codes. Plus, each job setups quickly, controlled and managed by the patented Emperor Personalization Management System – Installed at no cost and updated free of charge over the life of your EMP-6801!

Engineered for High Speed UV-Inkjet Printing on the widest range of substrates, the EMP-6801 can easily become the heart of your card production department. Using Drop on Demand (DoD) printing technology, it creates full color digital images by propelling droplets of ink onto your cards then cures them with UV LED. This technology increases output by as much as twelve (12) times the average printing speed of conventional methods with visible resolutions up to 1060 dpi.



Vibrant Color Technology for Superior quality cards

Four Color DoD inkjet hi-resolution YMCK Emperor-specs UV Inks ensure spotless print card after card – No make ready and no rejects = Less waste – Each job setup quickly, inline ripping of the variable data controlled and managed by the Emperor Personalization Management System. The variable DoD droplet technology and LED curing technology prevents UV ink from evaporating so no solvents are removed or absorbed into the substrates used. This means 100 percent of the delivered volume of ink is used for color only—resulting in vivid, high intensity, images. Digital optimized image-resolution is standard with the EMP6801. These ID card quality robust images last longer than the conventional standard and are reinforced with scratch and corrosion resistance protection. Moreover, the process can be applied to a wide range of uncoated substrates.

Continuous color calibration by RIP Software integrated into the EPMS

  • Printhead print width > 2.5”
  • Emperor-formulated OEM curable inks
  • Spot or full bleed Clear UV coating
  • Long life LED curing unit
  • Inline QC & OCR module
  • Emperor Electronic Personalization Management System (EPMS) centralize and stage jobs on the EMP-6801 – Job orders can be sent directly by the final customer.
  • 360 dpi nominal printing resolution enhanced to 1060 dpi visible resolution with variable droplet technology
  • Full edge to edge printing – Single side or duplex.
  • Wide Card substrate compatibility: PC, PVC, PET, Paper, etc. with inline Plasma surface preparation
  • In line Eco-friendly UV-LED curing system.

It’s design makes scalability a breeze—Easily customize your system with other EmperorTech functional modules from a standard solution to a full-fledged card personalization processing all-in-one machine. Benefit from features like:


  • Lasering with high speed fiber laser module(s)
  • Monochrome high speed DoD module for bar codes, OCR and numbering
  • Magstripe encoding: 3 tracks HiCo and LoCoEdge to Edge effects; both colorful and B/W printing are available; support both-side printing.


  • Contact & contactless reading/Encoding with up to 32 stations


EMP-6801 Card Printer and Personalization System

So, consider the High Speed EMP-6801. It’s advance card handling and printing technology is—the smarter choice for saving resources and money. Increase productivity and ease your workload with speeds significantly faster than traditional methods. Deliver Edge-to-edge effects and sturdy longer lasting color solutions your customers will appreciate.With EMP-6801 powering your card production business, you can finally put a dent in slow production times, eliminate the high cost of printing and abysmal printing speeds and never again produce substandard cards.

If you are a customer-conscious and cost-conscious card ID provider — Call us for a price quote at +1-(214) 614-8340. Or, email our Product Support Team today.


Learn more about the EMP-6801 UV Inkjet Card Printer and Personalization System and the rest of EmperorTech’s line of cost cutting card ID and printer and personalization systems. Watch our UV Inkjet Printing Systems video.